Monday, 13 October 2014

Vous allez me détester !

Pronghorn antelope National Bison Range
Hello! VDP hopes you are all well! You are going to hate VDP for this extra long post, but then again, a month has passed since the last post! VDP enjoyed another wonderful trip to the Pacific Northwest, her twelfth, and made a few encounters, like this pronghorn antelope and resting bison at National Bison Range on the Flathead Indian reservation in Montana!

Bonjour ! VDP espère que vous allez tous bien ! Vous allez détester VDP pour ce billet fleuve mais bon, il s'est écoulé un mois depuis son départ ! VDP a adoré son douzième voyage dans le nord-ouest des Etats-Unis et a fait quelques rencontres, comme ici cette antilope et ce bison se reposant, à National Bison Range sur la réserve indienne Flathead dans le Montana !
Buffalo bison National Bison Range
 It is also there that VDP had a lengthy conversation with the moon!

C'est également là que VDP a eu une longue conversation avec la lune !Moon National Bison Range
 VDP loved driving through the Yakima river canyon in Washington State!

VDP a adoré traverser le canyon de la rivière Yakima dans l'Etat de Washington !
Yakima River Canyon
The long roads of Eastern Washington are a big favourite of VDP's!

Les longues routes de l'est de l'Etat de Washington sont toujours un énorme plaisir !
Eastern Washington Road
 It is hard to believe that the above road leads to Palouse Falls and the Palouse river canyon, whose name is originally Palus, the name of the Indian tribe!

C'est difficile d'imaginer que la route ci-dessus mène à la chute d'eau Palouse et au canyon de la rivière Palouse. Le nom Palouse est amérindien, bien sûr !Palouse Falls Washington

Palouse river canyon Washington
VDP stopped under this bridge on the Snake river at Lyons Ferry in Washington and spent a while watching a long, long train rumble by!

VDP s'est arrêtée sous ce pont sur la rivière Snake dans l'Etat de Washington et a passé un long moment à regarder passer un train interminable !
Bridge over Snake River Lyons Ferry

Bridge over Snake River Lyons FerryVDP enjoyed one of her favourite places, the Clearwater river her on the Nez Perce Indian reservation in Idaho!

VDP s'est fait plaisir en se promenant sur l'une de ses rivières préférées, la Clearwater, ici sur la réserve indienne Nez Perce dans l'Idaho !
Clearwater river Idaho
Flathead lake in Montana is so huge and so beautiful!

Le lac Flathead dans le Montana est immense et si beau!
Flathead Lake MontanaNow that was a pumpkin pie flavoured milkshake VDP isn't likely to forget! It was enormous and taken at Norm's News soda fountain, candy shop and diner in Kalispell, Montana!

Ca c'est un milkshake que VDP n'est pas sur le point d'oublier. Parfumé à la tarte de potiron épicée, il était si grand que deux ou trois personnes auraient pu en profiter ! C'était au "diner" incroyable Norm's News à Kalispell dans le Montana !
Milkshake Norm's News Kalispell
It is at Whitefish farmer's market that VDP had the great, great pleasure of meeting Tammie Lee. Dinner was a fun and wonderful moment, thank you Tammie for your welcome! If you don't yet know her magnificent photos, check out her blog Spirithelpers! If Tammie's little gems tempt you, her Etsy shop is this way!

C'est au marché de Whitefish dans le Montana que VDP a eu l'immense plaisir de rencontrer Tammie Lee et de dîner avec elle, ce fut un moment délicieux ! Si vous ne connaissez pas encore son blog de photos magnifique, il s'appelle Spirithelpers et se trouve par ici ! Si vous êtes tentés par ses petits trésors, sa boutique Etsy est par là !
Whitefish Montana farmer's market
 VDP was in awe at the sight of the beauty of Glacier National Park...

VDP a été époustouflée par la beauté du parc national Glacier, à la frontière canadienne...
Lake MacDonald Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Autumn Glacier National Park

Mercedes Autumn Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

St Mary Lake Glacier National Park
And suddenly...

Et soudain...
Ours noir black bear Glacier National ParkVDP's trip continued on the Blackfeet reservation, where she had the pleasure of meeting one of her favourite Native American artists, his website is this way...

Le voyage de VDP a continué sur la réserve indienne Blackfeet où elle a eu le plaisir de rencontrer l'un de ses artistes préférés... Son site web est par ici.
Teepee Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Blackfeet Indian Reservation
The Rockies are a beautiful backdrop on the rez...

Les Rocheuses sont une belle toile de fond sur la réserve indienne...
Blackfeet Indian ReservationOn the way back to the Pacific coast, VDP enjoyed touring the lakes of the Coeur d'Alene Indian reservation in Idaho...

Sur la route du retour vers la côte Pacifique, VDP s'est promenée le long des lacs de la réserve indienne Coeur d'Alène dans l'Idaho...
Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation
In Nespelem, on the Colville reservation, she stopped a while to reflect on Chief Joseph's life...

A Nespelem, sur la réserve indienne Colville, elle s'est arrêtée pour méditer sur la vie du grand chef Chief Joseph, enterré là, loin de ses terres ancestrales et natales...
Chief Joseph statue Nespelem
VDP only saw Diablo Lake on the North Cascades highway backlit, but she can promise you the water was turquoise !

VDP n'a vu Diablo Lake sur la route des montagnes North Cascades qu'à contre-jour mais elle vous promet que l'eau était turquoise !
Diablo Lake North Cascades
Evening encounter...

Rencontre du soir...
Biche Deer
To end this trip in beauty, VDP was so happy to meet MB and Bob of Stanwood again, it was their fourth get together I believe! This year they took VDP to Whidbey island... It was great, thanks again! To see what else we have been up to, see MB's post about Hibulb Center or her Tulalip reservation mural post here!

Pour finir en beauté ce voyage, VDP a été ravie de revoir pour la quatrième fois MB et Bob de Stanwood. Cette année, ils l'ont emmenée à l'île de Whidbey sur le Pacifique ! Pour voir le centre culturel des tribus indiennes Tulalip que nous avons également visité, faites un tour sur le blog de MB, le billet est par ici !
Double Bluff Whidbey Island
Now MB took a few pics of this fella too, they are this way!

MB a également pris quelques photos de ce héron, elles sont par ici !
Heron Whidbey Island
Naturally, after the USA, VDP went to spend a bit of time in Brittany, the westernmost part of France.
Seen below are scenes of Le Guilvinec, one of France's busiest fishing harbours. Every day, at 5:00 pm, the fishing fleet comes home to sell their catch, it's a sight VDP has known since childhood and will never tire of!

Naturellement, après les USA, VDP a passé quelques temps en Bretagne. Ci-dessous, des scènes du Guilvinec. L'arrivée de la flotille de pêche sur le coup de 17 heures, que VDP connaît depuis l'enfance, est une scène dont elle ne se lassera jamais !
Le Guilvinec

Le Guilvinec fishing boat

Le Guilvinec fishing boat

Fisher Le Guilvinec
And finally, because VDP isn't called Cieldequimper for nothing, here's Quimper by night!

Et pour finir, pour que VDP ne s'appelle par Cieldequimper pour rien, une photo de Quimper by night...
Quimper by night
Back to Versailles tomorrow with end of August - beginning of September shots, until VDP gets a chance to hunt for fresh material! Cheers, thanks for your patience!

Retour à Versailles demain, avec des photos de fin août - début septembre, en attendant que VDP puisse aller en faire des fraîches! Merci de votre patience !


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Wow!! What a trip!! I will be heading 'out west' next Summer (not quite as far as you). You've given me some food for thought to planning my trip, thanks!

Lois said...

Beautiful pictures Ciel! You certainly had a wonderful vacation and I so enjoyed seeing everything through your lens.

Small City Scenes said...

Excellent! Thanks for showing the beauty of America.
Love seeing the fishing boats coming home. MB

Anonymous said...

Stunning set of images, looks and sounds like you had an amazing time!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

VDP has had a real time of it! Glad that you got tons of photos and enjoyed your visit but the world has missed your posts.

José Mendonça said...

Great post! Loved it. Welcome back, Ciel.

Tahiti Daily Photo said...

Magnifiques photos. Welcome back :)

Dina said...

Thanks for bringing us up to date on all the adventures you've been having. Fabulous shots of a beautiful land.

Karl Demetz said...

Willkommen zurück, Ciel !
Diese ist aber eine tolle Serie, wer weiß, wie viele großartige Fotos Du noch hast :-)
In der Zwischenzeit schaue ich mir diese noch ein paar mal an.

Zu Deiner Frage auf BDP: Weil das deutsche Wort kürzer ist...

RedPat said...

Wow! What a trip! Welcome back.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm glad to see you back but these photos are fabulous and a great way to remember your 12th visit to the PNW!

Sharon Anck said...

Glad you are back safe and sound. This is quite an array of wonderful photos. You got to see quite a bit of wonderful scenery and you've captured it well.

Birdman said...

Scanning your 'album' was fun. Lots of familiar names and places. Memories last a lifetime.

Geoff Wilkinson said...

What a fantastic trip! Looks like a great part of the country. Looking forward to seeing more Versailles pictures though!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

WOW!!!! Amazing, stunning, spectacular images Ciel.. it's easy to see how much at home and comfortable you feel in these big wide open spaces that must be completely different from 'home'. Have really enjoyed following your adventures, next year you should think about coming to Perth, we have WIDE open spaces also :)

Tammie Lee said...

such a grand trip it looks like you had! I have never been to Palouse Falls and the Palouse river canyon, it looks amazing! thank you for sharing these beautiful and artful glimpses of your journey. I hope being home feels good to you. It was fun to meet you ~

VP said...

Not exactly the Versailles I remember, but I liked most of these adventurous pictures. Welcome back!

Lowell said...

I don't even know where to begin - what a fantastic series of photographs! You did a wonderful job capturing the Pacific Northwest and I'm glad you got to see MB & Bob.

Methinks you're having way too much fun! Keep it up!

Doing OK here.

Tanya Breese said...

oh wow, what a great trip and excellent pictures! seriously! glad you are back!

William Kendall said...

Magnificent shots, Ciel! I've been in some parts of the west that you were in, but others are new to me!

Jack said...

What a pair of trips. It is hard to single out specific photos, but I saw several from Glacier and Diablo Lake that should be enlarged and framed.


And it is nice to see you in blogland again.

James said...

Wow,wow,wow! What a wonderful trip! Your photos are amazing. Welcome back!

"a pumpkin pie flavoured milkshake VDP isn't likely to forget!" lol :-)

Stefan Jansson said...

You really do get around. Great photos and an interesting read.