Les règles des jeux VDP - Prize draw rules on VDP

i) The winner(s) recognise(s) that I will need his/her full mailing address to send the prize off via La Poste (French Post Office); VDP can't be held responsible if the envelope/parcel is lost in the mail;
ii) If you do not want to participate, in other words if you dislike the prize(s) (!), please mention it in your comment, I won't be offended, lol!;
iii) Most importantly, as I am sure you will understand, I would like to reward those of you who regularly or occasionally take the time to comment on VDP. Hence only names that are known on VDP will be entered in the prize draw.
i) Le/la gagnant(e) reconnaît que j'aurai besoin de ses nom et adresse complète pour pouvoir lui envoyer son lot par la Poste ; VDP décline toute responsabilité si l'enveloppe/le paquet se perd dans le courrier ;
ii) si vous ne souhaitez pas participer, autrement dit si vous trouvez le/les prix affreux (!), je ne m'en offusquerai pas mais dites-le dans votre commentaire ;
iii) seuls seront retenus pour le tirage au sort les noms connus. Je souhaite en effet remercier ceux d'entre vous qui prennent le temps de commenter régulièrement ou à tout le moins occasionnellement sur VDP, ce que vous comprendrez j'en suis sûre.


Lowell said...

I'm not sure what this is all about but I'll play the game! :) If VDP knows my name, that is. ;) But after all this time, I'm sure she does. Unless, of course, she's tried to forget it. Nah. We have too much fun blogging.

Congrats on five years! That's longer than I've been doing it. I'm not even sure how long I've been doing it.

Although I was in Versailles and toured the Palace, it was a whirlwind kind of thing so what I've enjoyed most is the opportunity to see your town and the Palace close-up and in much more detail. Merci beaucoup!

Kate said...

I am not a regularly commenter but I have visited over the past years. Congratulations on your anniversary; it requires dedication. Your city offers lots of opportunities for terrific photo shoots. Enjoy the week-end.

Tanya Breese said...

oh such a fun idea!!!

Tahiti Daily Photo said...

Voilà des règles du jeu plus fun que d'habitude ... Tu postes vers Tahiti ? hihihi ;)

cieldequimper said...

@TDP : je poste même vers la lune s'il le faut ! ;-)

Roseann said...

Congratulations for taking the time to post 5 years of pictures about Versailles and your travels. Visiting Versailles is interesting but even after 2 shoulder to shoulder visits I feel like I can finally breathe and enjoy your city.
What an honor to be able to enter a contest where the only requirement is that I like the prizes and the author recognizes my name. I know I fall into the first category and I hope I fall into the second.