Sunday, 13 September 2009

Grand Siècle

The court I was showing you yesterday (visible here on the right in the first photo) is located on "Versailles Grand Siècle" esplanade, a huge condo complex built between 1968 and 1970. No less than 1213 apartments and several shops! The name, "Grand siècle" or "big century", is a reminder of Versailles' and France's heyday during the 17th century, the beginning of the modern age, when philosophers, scientists, playwrights, writers, painters and musicians bloomed and left their incredible legacy.
La Cour que je vous montrais hier (visible à droite sur la première photo) se trouve sur l'esplanade de"Versailles Grand siècle", un immense ensemble immobilier construit entre 1968 et 1970. Pas moins de 1213 appartements et des commerces de proximité ! Evidemment, le nom "Grand siècle" est le rappel de la place occupée par Versailles au XVIIè siècle, dit aussi siècle des lumières et le rappel de son incroyable héritage...

As this post goes online, I am waiting to board my plane to Paris at Montréal airport! See you soon!
Quand ce post est mis en ligne, je suis à l'aéroport de Montréal attendant l'embarquement. A bientôt !


akarui said...

Une autre vue de Versailles et ses appartements.
J'ai mis un autre commentaire plus bas.

James said...

This looks like a very nice place.

Tammie Lee said...

So you were in Québec, Seems like it might have been good weather for you. Lovely to picture you out and about like that.
The blue skies in your photos are a fantastic back ground for these buildings!

Asta said...

Hello C,
Very interesting.
I hope you enjoyed Montréal-:)

Best regards

Cezar and Léia said...

It's modern and I loved the little flowers! know that I'm always looking for some flowers!I just love it! :)
Have a great week, take care!

Karen said...

So good of you to keep up your posting while away. I think I like Peter's "Pause" button. I may have a guest host take over my Kissimmee blog while I'm in Paris and will try to do my other one from there.
Hope you have a safe trip home.

Jacob said...

This is a gorgeous place. I wonder if this is where you live?

cieldequimper said...

@ Jacob: no. A few hundred feet away, yes!